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1948 - 2012

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Tony Bean

Tony Bean's Swimmin' Grub Kit

This kit is filled with Tony's specially designed grubs and leadheads — it's everything you need to catch those big ol' smallmouths! Swim your grubs like a minnow or crawl it on the bottom like a crawfish and get that smallie's attention right now!

The kit contains:

• 3 Unpainted Leadheads in 2 sizes - 3/16 and 1/4 oz.

• 3 Gold Leadheads in 2 sizes - 3/16 and 1/4 oz.

• 3 Chartreuse Leadheads in 2 sizes - 3/16 and 1/4 oz.

• 3 Gold Leadheads in 2 sizes - 3/16 and 1/4 oz.

• 3 Pearl Leadheads in 2 sizes - 3/16 and 1/4 oz.

• 3 Gray Leadheads in 2 sizes - 3/16 and 1/4 oz.

• 3 Green Leadheads in 2 sizes - 3/16 and 1/4 oz.

• 15 Chartreuse Grubs

• 15 Clear Grubs

• 15 Gold Grubs

• 15 Amber Pepper Grubs

• 15 Smoke Grubs

• 15 Ugly Green Grups

• Handy Clear Plastic Tackle Box

The Last Smallmouth by Tony Bean with Darren Shell

“I don’t care what size my last fish will be …

I just want it to be a smallmouth.”

~Tony Bean

Tony Bean, one of America’s most renowned smallmouth bass fishermen, is back fishing and teaching anglers the sport he loves. The Last Smallmouth provides step-by-step techniques for catching the elusive smallmouth as well as showing anglers good fishing practices.

Entertaining stories illustrate Tony’s teachings and give further insight into the art of smallmouth bass fishing. New fishermen and seasoned anglers alike will come to love his words of wisdom.

Packed with illustrations and fun photos, this book is the ultimate smallmouth bass fishing resource.



Gold Metallic Lead Head Stillhouse Tackle
Stillhouse Tackle Pearl White Lead Head
Stillhouse Tackle Unpainted Lead Head

1024 Stillhouse Tackle

Pearl White Lead Head

Great Combo with any color grub! Use in the summertime, both night and day.

1025 Stillhouse Tackle Unpainted Lead Head

For those who prefer no color on those days when different grub colors can be switched without retying a different lead head. Just swap grubs and cast!

Chartreuse Lead Head Stillhouse Tackle
Stillhouse Tackle Olive Green Lead Head
Gray Lead Head Stillhouse Tackle

1023 Stillhouse Tackle

Gold Metallic Lead Head

A favorite with Amber Pepper Grub! Spring/Fall

1026 Stillhouse Tackle

Gray Lead Head

Super for summer nighttime with Smoke grub

1027 Stillhouse Tackle Chartreuse Lead Head

Any time of year favorite

1028 Stillhouse Tackle

Olive Green Lead Head

A great river fishing color, any grub color


Stillhouse Tackle Clear Grub
Chartreuse Grub Stillhouse Tackle
Stillhouse Tackle Amber Pepper Grub
Stillhouse Tackle Gold Grub
Stillhouse Tackle Smoke Grub

1002 Stillhouse Tackle

Amber Grub

w/Pepper Hologram Sparkle

One of Tony's all-time favorite colors!

1003 Stillhouse Tackle Chartreuse Grub

w/Hologram Silver Sparkle

Another of Tony’s favorite. This one is a must!

1006 Stillhouse Tackle

Clear Grub

w/Hologram Silver Sparkle

High pressure sunny day grub for shiner season, especially with white or unpainted lead head

1004 Stillhouse Tackle

Gold Grub

w/Hologram Gold Sparkle

Another superb river-fishing grub color! Great in mud and gravel bottom conditions

1005 Stillhouse Tackle

Smoke Grub

w/Hologram Silver Sparkle

Night time and cloudy day grub for fast action, low pressure days

1/4 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

3/16 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

1/4 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

3/16 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

1/4 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

3/16 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

1/4 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

3/16 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

3/16 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

1/4 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

1/4 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

3/16 oz. Leadhead - 5 to a pack

20 Grubs to a pack

20 Grubs to a pack

20 Grubs to a pack

20 Grubs to a pack

20 Grubs to a pack

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Tony Bean's Stillhouse Tackle Swimmin' Grubs

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Tony Bean's Stillhouse Swimmin' Grubs

Introducing Revolutionary Lead Heads and Grubs from Tony Bean’s Stillhouse Tackle

Who would’ve thought that someone could improve basic fishing tackle that’s worked so well for decades? Well, leave it to Tony Bean to build a better mousetrap – or in this case grub and lead head. Most lead-heads are round or at least football-shaped, but Tony’s innovative design has forced this once-simple hook-and-lead design to “wiggle” a little more.

Using an old bass-plug design, Tony incorporated water dynamics to make his do something a little extra. It darts and wiggles the grub more than any lead-head on the market! It’s front-cupped design forces the jig to wobble left and right while being tugged by the line in a lake or being jostled by current in those small rivers Tony loves to fish. It’s a simple, yet brilliant enhancement to an old fishing standard!


Available in both 3/16 and ¼ oz. size, each color pattern has its own claim to fame. Try one of Tony’s Amber/Pepper Grubs on an Olive Green Lead Head in those clear southern lakes, or maybe even a Chartreuse Grub on his Pearl White Lead Head for those colder waters up north.

Let’s not forget the Tony’s new "swimmin'" grub design - they're born to be bad! Again, he has improved the un-improvable! He’s found a way to make a simple rubber grub do more and created a grub with more smallmouth action than any other product on the market.

Tony, a student of smallmouth wizardry, knows that “fat” grubs tug trough the water like a pig in the mud. So, when he built his grub mold, he incorporated several little things that add up to big smallmouth. Let’s looks at his design.

Olive Green Stillhouse Tackle lead head
Stillhouse Tackle Lead Head
Stillhouse Tackle Swimmin' Grub

These grubs look like any grub at first glance, but upon close inspection, several details have been improved. For instance, this grub is very thin, yet just as tall as most other grubs on the market. This narrow design makes the grub much more mobile in the water (like a fish!). Plus, the leading edge of the hooked tail is thicker, which forces the tail to wiggle more than the average grub. There are serrations in the tail, too, that also help entice Ms. Smallie. Yes, these are all small improvements, but each one adds up in favor of the fisherman!

Tony has created the best lure for smallmouth fishing you can buy. No gimmicks. This is simple, yet legendary, smallmouth wizardry from the guy who knows smallmouth best. Pair these new designs, available in many color combinations, to create the best-producing lure ever. The Legend, Tony Bean, and Stillhouse Tackle have set the stage for great smallmouth fishing! Tie one on, and get ready for great golden scales of fun!

Just look at these fish caught using Tony's Stillhouse Tackle grubs and lead leads on Dale Hollow in April!

Stillhouse Tackle
Stillhouse Tackle
Stillhouse Tackle
Tony Bean's Stillhouse Tackle

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