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1948 - 2012

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More smallmouth fishing with Tony, Porter Wagoner and other celebrities.

Porter Wagoner, country singer and smallmouth fisherman

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Arizona with the late Porter Wagoner and friends.

Tony Bean and Frank O. Hill. Hill was in the movie “Stoker Ace” with Burt Reynolds. He is also known as the "Manure Man of South Carolina.”
My son, Jay, and Bill Dance. Bill is a fine person and a good friend.
Tony Bean and Frank O. Hill, movie star, in Guntersville, Alabama at a Tom Mann Junior Fishing Day.
Tony Bean with Glenda Faye, guitar player for Porter Wagoner, with a big striper over twenty-five pounds.
My son Jay with good friend Bobby Allison at the Tom Mann Junior Fishing Camp.
Jim Ewell, trainer for the Huston Astros, was in my boat when he caught his first 5 lb. plus smallmouth bass
Porter Wagoner
I have had the pleasure of fishing with some famous people and porter Wagoner was one He was not only a great entertainer but also an avid smallmouth bass fisherman.
ll the times Porter and I fished together fishing are and always will be some of my best memories. His sense of humor was only matched by his love for smallmouth bass.
Porter Wagoner adn Glenda Faye.
Porter Wagoner and band performing. Porter was a true friend and I like many other people will be him but we will never let go of the memories he gave to us all.
Another shot of that  big twenty-five pound striper.
Porter Wagoner and the gang.
Fishing was always fun, and sometimes got even better. These two ladies fished with me in a charity fishing tournament a long time ago. They were both soap opera stars.
Porter Wagoner

Tony's Smallmouth Bass Fishing Seminar at Willow Grove Marina and Resort was attended by a large group of smallmouth bass fishermen and their families. He entertained and informed by relating his personal experiences and also by answering questions from the crowd.

Tony signs books for fans
Tony attempts to cast into the cap the man is holding to demonstrate accuracy.
Tony casts for the crowd.
Tony and coauthor, Darren Shell, discuss their new book, The Last Smallmouth.
Darren Shell tries the video glasses.
Tony talks serious fishing.
Tony explains how he's been using the video glasses.
Tony talks about the need for documenting fishing trips and suggests the video glasses would make that easier.
Tony instructs his volunteer on how to hold the cap so he can cast into it.
Tony signs books for a group of fans.
A large crowd attended the seminar at Willow Grove Marina and Resort on Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee.
Tony relates one of his fishing experiences for the crowd.
Tony in the midst of one of his entertaining fishing stories.
Tony demonstrates a cast for the crowd.
Darren Shell, left, discusses his fishing experiences with Tony and the crowd.
Tony demonstrates just how much Darren helped with writing the book.
Tony keeps the crowd on the edge of its seats with his information packed lessons.
Tony instructing the crowd.

Scenes from ICast in Las Vegas

Tony and Bill Dance
Jimmy Houston and I go way back — we’ve done everything from seminars to being in a fishing boat together for his show. I have always considered Jimmy a good friend and a gentleman of the fishing industry.
Randy Howell has made his mark in the fishing industry as a spokesman for products and a tough tournament fisherman. I was there when he did his first professional seminar, and he said to me, “Tony, I’m a little nervous.” 
I told him, “Just talk a
Ray Scott is the founder of B.A.S.S. and the man who made the fishing that we have today possible. Ray has done more to bring about what we have in the bass fishing world today than anyone else, in my opinion.
I recently met Mike Iaconelli for the first time at the Icast show in Las Vegas. The first thing he said to me was, “I used the rods that you designed and have used a lot of the things you’ve said over the years.” Now that makes an old fisherman fee
Denny Brauer is one of the finest bass fishermen in the world, and like everyone in the rest of these photos, a long time good friend.
Sometimes at these fishing shows you get to make some new friends.

Scenes from the Asheville Fishing and Boat Expo

I got to see a very good friend at the Nashville Fair Grounds during the Asheville show, fishing buddy James Blair.
The owner of B-B Lures was on hand to show off his great lures my co-author, Darren Shell, right.
One of the hand painted lures by B-B Lures —
Bill Burton, left in green hat, and Troy Brown, My arm on his shoulder, go way back in the fishing industry. We were talking fish with a couple of seminar attendees.
Brian Ellsworth, center, and Bill Burton, right, stop for a quick photo with Tony. Brian was the promoter of the Asheville Fishing and Boat Expo. He did a great job!
Tony doing what he does best — giving a seminar about smallmouth bass fishing
Power House Lures were kind enough to sell Tony's book at the Expo. They demonstrate their innovative new flippping lure.

Scenes from Dale Hollow Lake - Willow Grove Marina

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