Buying the Right Rod & Reel

When you get the desire to take up smallmouth bass fishing the first place you might think you should head to is the local tackle store to pick out a rod and reel.

The temptation is to look at the casting reels that you always see on TV, but that isn't the way to go. Spinning tackle is what you want.

The Reel:

1. Choose a reel made for 6 to 12 pound test line or 6 to 10 pound line.

2. The drag must be very smooth.

3. Line capacity, depending on line size should be from 120 yards to 150 yards

4. The reel must fit very good in your hand

The rod:

1. Six foot to six foot six.

2. The rod should have a very sensitive tip and a stout back bone (remember the sensitive tip helps you to feel the back bone sets the hook).

3. Rod should have no less than 7 guides.

4. The rod, just like the reel should fit in your hand like a well-made glove.

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