Putting Line on — the Right Way

Putting new line on a reel is by for the most important factor in starting a fishing trip. There is a right and wrong way. The wrong way (as I have done a few times being in a hurry) will cause all kinds of problems.

The right way:

1. Place a pencil through the hole in the spool.

2. with the spool in a vertical position and the line coming of the top of the spool run the line through the striper guide only. The striper guide is the guide closest to the reel and the largest guide on the rod.

3. With some pressure on the spool of line and on the reel, reels the line onto the spool.

4. Use just enough line to fill the reel spool no further than 1/8 of an inch from the top of the reel spool. (More line is not better)

5. Never over fill a spool.

6. Never lay a spool ofline on the floor and spool a reel.

Note: Sometimes you have to get in a hurry to put line on a reel but do not make it a practice.

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