Dear Tony,

Just bought your new book and still read your old one. I had a question about slider fishing. Do you still like sliders for smallie

fishing and if so would you prefer the slider worm or slider grub? I'm guessing that greenpumpkin would be a good color.

Thanks for your time

Ralph, Reading, MA


I still fish the Charlie Brewer slider, but not as much as I used to. The slider is still, and always will be, one of the best moving water smallmouth baits made. By this I mean creeks , rivers of lakes with current. I prefer the slider worm over the grub simply because of the the slow on the bottom presentation. My best colors have always been motor oil and blue.

The black slider head is the best, heavier the better.

Hope you enjoy the book,

Tony ( The Grub Man ) Bean

Enjoyed listing to you Saturday afternoon, and was proud to finally get to meet you. Now I have met both smallmouth bass legends.

Greg Brisendine

Greg, I am glad you came by and I thank you for the kind words. I look forward to fishing with you someday on Dale Hollow.

Big Smallmouths,

Tony Bean

Tony, I saw you in Massachusetts bass master university, you were the best I ever saw there and I saw many, Didn\'t play cards with you but I must admit while taking a smoke break outside, I got an opportunity to tell you how much knowledge you brought to the table. So glad to see you teaching again, it could be your calling. Connected with my Son, who hardly spoke to me, with the stuff I learned from you. That is something I won\'t forget, I put a search out for your book and yesterday after two years I got a hit as found, it took 3 minutes to have the info in and it is being shipped to me as of yesterday, Hope some day to get to Tenn. and fish with you. Thanks for changing my relationship with my Son Derek!!


Kevin, i got your email and I hardly know what to say. I am very happy for you and your son and I am glad to here that fishing helped to made it happen. the times that i have spent with my son are some of my best memories and they will be for you and your son Derek. Your email made all the years I spent teaching the sport I love so much all come together at one time.

I wish both of you the best and thank you for making this fisherman think more about how important it is to share all that we have with someone special.

Good and safe fishing - Tony

Hey Tony! Good to see you back in the business of sharing your

smallmouth expertise.- Rich Zaleski

Thanks Rich, its great to here from you. I hope you are doing fine and still cranking out those great fishing articles that you have done so well.

Good fishing — Tony Bean

Mr. Bean,

Boy am I glad you're back. Saw you a few years ago with my son at a bassmaster's university event I attended in Nashville. Loved

your presentation and learned a lot that I never knew about smallmouth and fishing in general. I grew up in south Mississippi and

we just didn't have those bronzeback critters there, however since coming to Tennessee I have had the opportunity to try out some of the "tricks of the trade" you spoke about and it has made a difference in my fishing.just wanted to drop a line and tell you thanks for sharing some of your secrets with the rest of us fishing nuts. Hope to see more of you now that you are back! — Reggie Smith


I want to thank you for the kind words and I hope that someday we meet up on a smallmouth bass lake here in Tennessee. If you see me first just pull your boat over and say hello.

Good Fishing — Tony Bean

I have your book copyright1986. Looking forward to meeting you again, first time was in 1989 at a seminar. Would appreciate if you could sign my copy. Looking forward to buying your new book.

Don Gray


I look forward to seeing you and it would be an honor to sign both copies of the books.

See you soon!


How long has it been since you felt the thump after dark?

Greg Brisendine

Greg, it’s been too long, but at night when I’m going over old photos or the records I kept I can still feel the thump on the end of the line. Takes me back to the nights on Percy Priest with Porter Waggoner, Conrad Jones and all the others when we FELT THE THUMP.

Oh, by the way , the lady who takes care of my web site at Fideli Publishing did not know what the "thump after dark " was and nearly put your email in the trash. For any smallmouth bass fisherman that thump on the end of the line is always with you.

Good fishing~Tony

Remembering Tony & Emails to Tony


I called out to you awhile back on Bass Boat Central, "Where's Tony Bean?".

Time went by, and one morning I got an E-mail from you telling me you’re writing another book, and it was old dogs like me that inspired you to do so.

I remember like it was yesterday at the 1991 "Toyota Smallmouth Classic" on Percy Priest when you took the time to make this wide-eyed 20 year old from Nova Scotia, Canada feel like he was "one of the boys" in a group of Bass legends.

I listened to your every word like the Gospel that week.

I looked out over the crowd at the prize ceremonies after the tournament, and as Porter Wagner was handing us a cheque for a top 10 finish against the best in the Biz, you were the one I thought of giving me a knowing nod and that Tony Bean Grin.

I was planning on getting to Tennessee and seeing you again, my friend, many times, but now there is one thing for certain, "I will see you when I get to where you're at.” I'll be the wide-eyed 20 year old stuttering for you to sign a book.


(Troy Howard)

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